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Partner Brief

Fortinet and Armis Security Solution

Asset Intelligence and Proactive Security Controls for Managed & Unmanaged IoT, IoMT, and OT-ICS Devices.

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Today’s networks connect a myriad of managed and unmanaged devices, with little visibility or control over the risk they introduce to the business. Security teams struggle to understand where, what and how of each and every vulnerable device. The same security teams cannot adequately or efficiently control and secure these devices.

Armis Centrix™ the cyber security platform powered by an AI-driven asset intelligence engine working together with the Fortinet Security Fabric creates a unified visibility, security and enforcement ecosystem that delivers simpler, stronger and more efficient security controls. Armis and Fortinet offer a solution that lays the foundation for segmentation and zero trust.

Armis – Fortinet Key Benefits

  • Easily and quickly discover managed and unmanaged devices even at remote sites.
  • Pro-actively and dynamically optimize security controls based on Armis’ asset intelligence, which includes device identification, vulnerability and risk information as well as threats.
  • Optimize Fortinet’s resources by focusing its security functionalities on critical or risky assets in a customer environment.
  • Detect and respond quickly to threats and vulnerabilities with appropriate contextual information based on Armis’ unique asset based insights.

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