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Armis + SentinelOne

Reduce the Enterprise Attack Surface with Asset Visibility and Enrichment with Armis & SentinelOne

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Unified Visibility of Assets and Risk

SentinelOne enriches the Armis platform with device metadata and application inventory for unparalleled visibility into SentinelOne-managed endpoints. SentinelOne endpoints appear within the Armis console with real-time endpoint health, device characteristics, and application inventory. Broad coverage of device types between SentinelOne and Armis provides a real-time source of asset inventory and risk.

Disconnect vulnerable apps

XDR Threat Enrichment

Enrich SentinelOne threats with Armis data when SentinelOne threats correlate to Armis alerts or devices. Security analysts can triage and respond to threats faster with additional context from Armis devices and threats. When a threat is detected in SentinelOne, related devices or threats from Armis are correlated and enriched for security analysts.

Complete Network Visibility & Control

SentinelOne Singularity Ranger provides visibility into unmanaged and potentially malicious devices on the network. Armis collects additional information on network devices that can enrich and tag assets in Ranger with additional metadata. Context from Armis helps close visibility gaps and improve asset tagging within SentinelOne.

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