Armis + Nuvolo

Ensure the security and availability of your OT environment.


Real-time, continuous monitoring

Armis provides always-on device discovery and security monitoring. When paired with the cloud-based device inventory Nuvolo provides, facilities and OT teams can identify vulnerable equipment before it can be exploited.


Streamlined remediation workflows

Nuvolo OT Security helps generate corrective work orders based on real-time alerts from Armis. Teams can close the loop on determining the risk of a cyber-attack and implementing the necessary remediation activities.

IMG 1 – Streamlined remediation workflows

Rogue device identification

Armis constantly monitors all devices and equipment added to the network. Alerts sent to Nuvolo OT Security quickly generate inspection requests to validate and catalog new devices within inventory logs.


Full lifecycle management

With Nuvolo and Armis, you can automate the process for onboarding new devices. You can monitor and maintain the assets throughout their lifecycles. In addition, Nuvolo helps you perform documented checklist steps during asset retirement.

IMG 2 – Full lifecycle management