Armis + Eseye

Connect and secure any unmanaged or IoT device on any network.


Security & connectivity for any thing, anywhere.

Eseye’s unique Connectivity Management Platform allows cellular IoT devices to intelligently switch to any one of over 700 GSMA-compliant carriers to maximize device uptime and delivering greater than 98% global coverage. The Armis Agentless Device Security Platform discovers and monitors all IoT devices, continuously assesses device vulnerabilities, risks, and policy violations, and automatically responds to anomalies that could put devices and your
business at risk.


Comprehensive asset inventory.

Armis discovers and classifies every managed and unmanaged device in any environment. Through this integration, Armis does the same for devices connecting through Eseye’s, platform like telematics and sensors used for transportation, medical devices that are often moved throughout and among different medical centers, and remote devices like those used in the energy and vending industries.


Risk management.

Armis calculates a risk score for each device based on factors like vulnerabilities, known attack patterns, and the behaviors observed on each device. This risk score helps you understand your attack surface and meet compliance
with regulatory frameworks that require identification and prioritization of vulnerabilities.


Automatic detection & response.

If Armis detects a threat, it alerts your security team and triggers automated action to stop an attack. Through the integration with Eseye, Armis can sanction or quarantine mobile IoT devices exhibiting suspicious or malicious behavior, or it can disconnect a device from the Eseye network to prevent lateral movement of threats.