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Armis + TrueFort

Protect both IT and OT environments against lateral movement attacks.

Establish Alignment Between IT/ OT and IoT Teams to Enhance Overall Cybersecurity Posture

While the IT and OT domains have historically operated independently, smarter systems (such as industrial, medical, and building technologies) continue to advance and the Internet of Things (IoT) gains widespread adoption, the OT environments face escalating risks due to deficiencies in their real-time situational awareness, risk assessment capabilities, and security practices. Itt has become imperative to establish alignment between IT/ OT and IoT teams to achieve operational excellence and enhance the overall cybersecurity posture.

A Holistic Approach to Security

TrueFort and Armis collaborate to establish robust security alignment by offering real-time visibility and control across IT, IoT, and OT environments, thereby enabling authorized communications exclusively. By leveraging our combined expertise, we facilitate a comprehensive mapping of all activities occurring within the production environment, encompassing IT, IoT, OT/ICS/IIoT, building management systems, and medical devices.

Decrease Attack Surface with Microsegmentation

TrueFort and Armis provide comprehensive protection for a wide range of assets by establishing intelligent baselines of normal, high-volume activities within and between applications. This approach ensures that future behavior is limited to trusted actions, effectively preventing compromise and reducing overall risk. By gaining valuable insights into the application environment, organizations can efficiently decrease the attack surface through the implementation of microsegmentation.

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Definitive Visibility and Control

To address the dynamic landscape of IT, OT, and IoT devices, automatic identification and real-time profiling are crucial for detecting unusual behavior and promptly alerting on any anomalies. With the combined capabilities of TrueFort and Armis, organizations can effectively discover, comprehend, and enforce communication flows across these interconnected environments.