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Armis and GoogleCloud Know What Good Threat Intel Looks Like

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Armis and GoogleCloud partner to offer customers a cutting edge, cloud native integration, plus an easy, streamlined buying process, thereby delivering a comprehensive security transformation for modern SecOps teams.

Armis Centrix™, the cyber exposure management platform, is powered by the Armis AI-driven asset intelligence engine, which sees, protects and manages billions of assets around the world in real-time.

Together, Armis Centrix™ and GCP provide customers with the confidence of unrivaled asset visibility and asset management with the added scale and speed of Google.

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Armis Centrix™ Available on GoogleCloud Marketplace

GoogleCloud Marketplace: Billing Made Simple and Easy

Armis and GoogleCloud together provide customers with the most advanced approach to detecting, investigating and responding to current cybersecurity threats. And with the added advantage of purchasing through the GoogleCloud Marketplace, the buying transaction couldn’t be faster or simpler for our customers.

GoogleCloud Marketplace simplifies how customers buy Armis, presenting a unified bill with Google and helping customers discover greater value through the wider portfolio of award winning Armis security solutions and tools.

By leveraging their existing GCP accounts and billing, GoogleCloud customers have the most efficient way to purchase Armis, by utilizing their set Google contracts and pre-approved budgets.

Armis and Google Chronicle Security Operations

Armis & Google Chronicle Security Operations

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Designed to stay ahead of an ever-changing threat landscape, Google’s Chronicle allows customers to remain ever vigilant and even more proactive.

The Chronicle integration with Armis leverages Google’s vast knowledge base, providing curated detections, insights and playbooks. This unique integration equips customers with superior security capabilities and results, while these parsed events are utilized for search, reporting, and visualization workflows.

The ingestion script ingests the following types of event categories:

  • Armis Alerts
  • Armis Activities
  • Armis Devices
  • Armis Vulnerabilities

Customer benefits include:

  • Faster detection and a complete and deep threat investigation across the complete OT, IoT environments.
  • Continuous monitoring and detecting breaches in real time.
  • Network segmentation, limiting lateral movement of threats between IT and OT networks.
  • Automated workflows, where teams are able to prioritize, make decisions fast and respond to threats within minutes
  • Fast Deployment, maintaining operational efficiency with no down-time

Armis Centrix™ and GoogleCloud:

Delivering the Best Security Outcomes at Every Stage of Your Journey

With Armis Centrix™, GoogleCloud customers are equipped with actionable data in real-time that not only empowers but accelerates their decision-making, thereby strengthening their overall cybersecurity resilience.

Key Benefits of Armis Centrix™

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Full Device Visibility Across Complex Environments
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Continuous Tracking of Threats
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Vulnerability Gap Analysis and Prioritization
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Automated Network Segmentation
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Automated Policy Enforcement