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Aug 31, 2023

Armis named on the 2023 Constellation ShortList™ for Healthcare IT Security

Armis named on the 2023 Constellation ShortList™ for Healthcare IT Security

Armis understands the challenges that Healthcare security teams face and the potentially severe consequences to patient data and patient safety if a breach occurs. We enable healthcare organizations to confidently introduce new connected devices onto the network that enhance patient care while enabling Security and Risk Leaders to have in-depth visibility into the cyber risks associated with these devices. We are honored to be included in this year’s 2023 Constellation Shortlist for Healthcare IT Security.

The Constellation ShortList helps Healthcare IT teams narrow their search for technologies that will reduce cyber risk to their organization. Armis meets Constellation’s high criteria for Healthcare IT, including compliance with healthcare regulation frameworks, alert automation, management dashboard and reporting features, a single view of security vulnerabilities, ease of integration with the existing security tech stack, ease of deployment, ease of use, and more. See the report for the complete threshold list.

Earlier this year the Armis Asset Intelligence Cybersecurity Platform was also named in the 2023 Constellation Shortlist for Medical Device Security, Armis was included for our platform’s ability to provide an accurate inventory of connected devices in healthcare provider institutions and full visibility and control of vulnerabilities.

We are constantly working to enable our healthcare customers to better visualize and secure their environment. In a recent customer case study, Peter De Bruyene, Information and Communications Director for Sint-Trudo Ziekenhuis Hospital states, “The data Armis gathers goes beyond just security and vulnerability information, it also includes FDA-compliance status for devices and other information that is relevant to a healthcare operation.”

Our customers attest to Armis’ ability to:

  • Maintain an accurate real-time asset inventory across the entire healthcare ecosystem through automated discovery.
  • Provide insights into medical device utilization to increase efficiency and maximize ROI.
  • Conduct medical device security assessments and monitor medical device behavior outside of normal operations.
  • Provide evidence to compliance frameworks such as HICP, NIST, and DSPT and actionability to NHS Cyber Alerts compliance requirements.
  • Streamline the creation of network segments and automate enforcement of network policies to increase the security posture.
  • Protect from ransomware and malware attacks by providing visibility into both managed and unmanaged connected devices.

Additional recent analyst reports also recognize Armis’ ability to protect healthcare care organizations:

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