Feb 8, 2023

Armis Ranked as Top Performer by KLAS, Demonstrating Continuing Commitment to Securing Healthcare IoT

Armis Ranked as Top Performer by KLAS

We are excited to announce that KLAS has named Armis a top performer in the 2023 Best in KLAS report for IoT security.

I want to begin by thanking all of the Armis customers that took the time to share their Armis experiences with KLAS, enabling us to be ranked as a top performer in the 2023 Best in KLAS Software and Services  – Healthcare IoT category. Almost three times the number of customers participated this year moving Armis into the highest ratings. We appreciate the support and the commitment to make that time – and I will feature just a small portion of the feedback that they contributed in this blog:

“Armis has the best mix of operational technology, the IoT, and the IoMT of the vendors that are on the market. The product works great. We are using it for more than what we originally bought it for, and from a value proposition, that means that we are doing pretty darn well and definitely looking forward to continuing to partner with Armis”


In the 2022 report, KLAS specifically called out the increasing traction that they were seeing of Armis in the market. In the past 12 months Armis has continued to deliver on our healthcare focus, combining our market leading IoT, IoMT, OT and IT asset intelligence and vulnerability capabilities with healthcare specific developments, data and views. These include:

  • FDA recall and device matching
  • Medical device utilization data
  • MDS2 information 
  • Network segmentation ACL generation for improved medical device security
  • Detailed infusion pump manufacturer, model and firmware information
  • And much more to come!

“Armis IoT Solutions is a great product. I have been in the world of medical device security for years, so I have seen a number of different tools, devices, and so forth, and I would definitely put Armis at the top of the market, especially when it comes to the vendor’s technology but also because of the knowledge that the vendor’s staff has.”

Functionality and Upgrades

One of the ways Armis differentiates from others in the report is the broad coverage of devices across all industries covering more than 3 billion devices through its Collective Asset Intelligence Engine. The significance of this is that it goes beyond just connecting clinical and IT devices to deliver optimal care. Armis also connects systems such as door badging, heating and cooling, elevator controls, and building management, which communicate over the network and exchange updates and system status information. These interconnected systems all have the potential to disrupt patient care. 

Many of these systems are used across industries – and with a greater view of what these systems are, how they communicate, and what regular communication looks like, Armis is able to identify abnormal behavior and indicators of compromise and attack on not only the medical and IoT devices, but on every connected device.

If a fish tank thermometer can cause a breach at the MGM, what disruption could connected vaccine storage temperature controls create?

“Armis IoT Solutions is part of our long-term plans. We use the solution as part of our medical device security monitoring efforts, but there are two additional uses for the system that we have found that were not in our original project plan. First, Armis IoT Solutions is going to help us with our configuration management database. Second, the IoT devices are not necessarily medical, so we are going to work to be able to use the tool for things like badge readers, cameras, and so on. So we are going to use Armis IoT Solutions for more than just IoMT monitoring, and we are going to use the solution for much more than we originally planned.”

Future Outlook

It is for this reason you will find Armis widely reviewed by many analysts, including KLAS, across a broad number of categories, including:

As I look ahead, we have an exciting start of the year. Our founder and CTO Nadir Israel will be a cyber security speaker at ViVE, and we will be attending both ViVE and HIMSS as sponsors. There will be more information on ViVE and HIMSS to follow on this blog but I very much look forward to seeing you in Nashville and Chicago!

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