Dec 01, 2022

Armis Named Leader in the 2022 Quadrant SPARK Matrix for Connected Medical Device Security Solutions

We are proud to announce that Armis has been named the leader in the 2022 Quadrant SPARK Matrix: Connected Medical Device Security Solutions. Armis has been rated highest in Customer Impact and Technology Excellence.


Securing Connected Health Devices

As the technologies of connected healthcare — Internet of Things (IoT), Internet of Medical Things (IoMT), smart buildings, connected medical devices, and more — continue to be explored, developed, and interconnected by the healthcare industry, the growing attack surface continues to be explored and developed by bad actors.

The Spark Matrix: Connected Medical Device Security Solutions Q4 2022 considers this broader attack surface within healthcare organizations identifying not just the medical device cybersecurity risks, but also the risks of attacks on the additional systems and assets that contribute to connected care.

Quadrant Knowledge Solutions defines a connected medical device security solution as a “software suite that protects Health Delivery Organizations (HDOs) from unauthorized access or breaches to their deployed medical devices and associated data.” These solutions are designed to monitor, manage, and protect IoMT devices, networks, building management systems, and all other connected devices in an HDO.

Armis Medical Device Risk Management

The report highlights 7 key capabilities of a connected medical device security solution:

  • Device Discovery and Asset Inventory Management
  • Risk Management
  • Vulnerability Management
  • Network Monitoring
  • Policy Management
  • Compliance with Medical Regulations
  • Analytics and Reporting

We are very proud to be placed as the leader on both axes of the Quadrant Matrix: Customer Impact and Technology Excellence. And I’d like to take this moment to thank all of our valued customers that took time out of their day to speak to Quadrant Knowledge Solutions as part of this process.

At Armis, we firmly believe that complete asset visibility is fundamental to securing the healthcare environment. Whether your responsibility lies in the biomedical team, the IT team, or the facilities management team, a single view of all the threats, vulnerabilities, and remediation steps connects often limited resources to prioritize action and minimize exposure.

Quadrant Knowledge Solutions Recognize the Value of Armis Collective Asset Intelligence Engine

In the report, Quadrant Knowledge Solutions highlight the capabilities of the Armis Collective Asset Intelligence Engine, which contains over 20 million device profiles pertaining to more than 3 billion assets. Applying to medical and non-medical devices, the Collective Asset Intelligence Engine is able to contextualize the behavior of assets, identifying devices that are controlling MRI or CT scanners, for example, or identifying unusual traffic patterns from infusion pumps or HVAC systems. These insights are critical to improved medical device risk management.

We know healthcare organizations are under constant attack. The Armis Collective Asset Intelligence Engine, combined with the expert Armis threat research team, provides a critical tool to mitigate those attacks and their potential impact on patient care.

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