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Transitioning from an onsite to a hybrid workforce poses challenges for security hygiene and the threat landscape for Public sector organizations. To transform the digital strategies that enable complex workflows in order to sustain operations, agencies need to adjust threat modeling to account for vulnerabilities introduced from insecure home networks, consumer devices, and IoT along with cloud-based threats to collaboration devices. The Armis Platform provides passive and real-time device posture and threat visibility so organizations can pivot IT and security strategies to respond to large-scale shifts in workforce and better manage enterprise and third party risk.


Execute on mission while transforming security operations.

Compliance requirements and new regulations are changing the way organizations and agencies perform threat management and security operations. Utilizing frameworks from NIST and MITRE along with guidance from federal and state agencies, security teams are pivoting from incident-based operations to continuous monitoring. This requires a new strategy that pulls in asset telemetry and behavioral data from IT and operational technology (OT) along with Industrial Control Systems (ICS). The Armis Platform provides real-time and passive threat intelligence and curated risk prioritization that enhances SecOps functions and situational awareness.


Navigate compliance and third-party risk.

Most public sector organizations have a complex compliance landscape with multiple regulations requiring differing approaches to information security and data privacy.  This leads to report fatigue for security teams in keeping with compliance and risk management processes. The Armis Platform helps by providing mapping to industry frameworks like MITRE that increases transparency between effectiveness of information security controls and their testing methodology. A key benefit of this is high context visibility into all devices in the environment including those using peer to peer airspace protocols. This allows security and risk teams to have a comprehensive understanding of managed vs unmanaged assets thereby reducing third party risk.


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