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Case Study

Water Utility Gains Passive Visibility into OT Assets Without Affecting Sensitive Devices

Water utility treatment plant

Enhanced Visibility into OT Network Helps Secure and Protect Drinking Water for Millions of People

This major U.S. water utility needed a nonintrusive way of seeing devices in its sensitive OT network while ensuring service continuity. The OT network is managed separately from the IT network, yet both are under the same security umbrella. By deploying Armis in combination with Gigamon’s deep observability into network traffic, the security team achieved full visibility into the utility’s OT assets, along with deeper visibility into the traffic traversing the IT and OT networks.

With hundreds of employees operating multiple water treatment facilities and reservoirs, this regional water utility serves millions of residential, business, and municipal customers with clean, safe drinking water. A small in-house team of skilled professionals manage IT and OT for the utility. Due to its small size, the IT/security team heavily utilizes contracted and vendor support to efficiently manage its responsibilities.

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  • challenges iconGaining visibility into OT assets
  • challenges iconEnabling passive visibility so as not to impact sensitive devices
  • challenges iconDecreasing overall risk to the organization
  • challenges iconPrioritizing vulnerabilities
  • result iconProvided full visibility into OT assets
  • result iconEnhanced security posture
  • result iconPrioritized vulnerabilities for the highly leveraged security team