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Apr 16, 2023

Cyberwarfare Rages Across the Middle East. Will Western Countries be Attacked Next?

Cyberwarfare Rages Across the Middle East

As the world becomes increasingly digitized, the impact of cyberwarfare is becoming more significant. Unfortunately, this threat has now become a reality for the people of Israel as they are currently under a prolonged & coordinated cyber attack from Iran & Russia. The attack approach mirrors the cyberwarfare campaign projections we have made previously, proving that cyberwarfare is a serious issue for all modern nations & western countries must act now to secure their people, resources and economies.

“Let us be very clear – this is a nation state sponsored act of cyberwarfare designed to cause maximum disruption. Armis has been predicting this escalation for months – outlining routes in which this would occur and the need for all countries to start proactive cyber defense against this type of attack.  This is modern warfare and it shows how vulnerable countries are to this new level of attack”

Taking the threat of cyberwarfare seriously

Armis has been warning about the dangers of cyberwarfare for some time now. This cyberattack on Israel is an example of modern cyberwar and a wake-up call for all Western countries. See our State of Cyberwarfare research report and microsite located here:

The attacks on Israel have targeted critical infrastructures, including water utilities, passport control, banks, State entities including banks and postal services, smart homes, smart buildings, digital portals and more.

“Co-ordinated attacks from groups associated with Iran and Russia, with Sudan potentially being used as an attack vehicle, want to increase geo-political tensions and make things very difficult for citizens  in the country.”

Cyberwarfare is a modern form of war, and we need to be prepared to defend ourselves.

For example, Russia could target utilities, smart meters, digital point of sale systems in Western countries, disrupting energy and retail operations. They could also target water systems, potentially contaminating water supplies and causing widespread panic. In addition, 4G and 5G networks are essential components of modern society, and their disruption could shut down millions of devices and applications.

“We need to invest in cybersecurity measures to protect ourselves from these kinds of attacks. This means that governments and organizations need to take this threat seriously and allocate resources to build robust and resilient cybersecurity systems. Cybersecurity must be integrated into our military strategies, and we need to work together to develop a comprehensive and effective response to cyberwarfare.”

At Armis, we have been researching cyberwarfare for years, and our research predicted this attack. It is time for all of us to take the threat of cyberwarfare seriously and work together to defend against it. We must understand that cyberattacks can be just as devastating as physical attacks and can result in significant economic damage and loss of life.

We will continue to research and develop strategies to defend against cyberwarfare, and we encourage others to do the same. Together, we can build a more secure and resilient world.

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