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Cybersecurity Predictions for 2023

What does the future have in store for cybersecurity?

The experts here at Armis have made their industry predictions for 2023. Listen to Armis Executives share their predictions for 2023 and beyond.

1. Cultural Cohesion in a Modern Work Environment

2023 Cyber Predictions by Yael Koch Warschawski

Yael Koch Warschawski

The pandemic opened the floodgates to a massive wave of movement away from traditional office-based work.  At this point, if the ability to work from home was taken away, two-thirds (66%) of workers would immediately start looking for a job that offered flexibility, and 39% would simply quit. At Armis, we established a set of company values that act as guidelines for our global team members.

2. Technology Trends, Changes and the Impact They Have on Cybersecurity

Nadir Izrael

In the office, workers may also encounter a new landscape of post-pandemic IoT devices: hands-free, voice-enabled conference rooms, powered by systems like Amazon Alexa For Business. Regardless of what you call them, or what industry they are most prevalent, (the Enterprise of Things, IoT, IIoT or IoMT), these devices can’t be secured by legacy solutions. By the end of this year, you can expect up to 90% of all devices across an organization will be unmanaged.

2023 Cyber Predictions by Nadir Izrael

3. A CISO’s Prediction

2023 Cyber Predictions by Curtis Simpson

Curtis Simpson

We find ourselves at the familiar time of year where CISOs are assessing their challenges and priorities for the foreseeable future. Sorting out which cybersecurity initiatives need the most attention can be overwhelming. Mixed economic signals and uncertainty worldwide are also complicating the planning season.

4. 5 Healthcare Cybersecurity Predictions for 2023

Mohammad Waqas

Healthcare continues to face dramatic challenges as we head into 2023. The long-predicted staffing shortages – which have been accelerated due to the burnout created by COVID-19 – are having an impact across healthcare service delivery all over the world. On top of that, cyber attacks continue to be on the rise – even though, a little bit ironically, technology is often, rather generically, hailed as the solution to healthcare’s problems (including staffing).

2023 Cyber Predictions by Mohammad Waqas

5. Top 5 Trends in OT and ICS Security for 2023

2023 Cyber Predictions by Steve Gyurindak

Steve Gyurindak

2022 has pushed the Digital Transformation in OT and ICS environments even further, still in great part because of the after-effects of the pandemic: the pressure is intense to make the supply chains more efficient (after the significant supply chain disruptions we experienced the last few years) and more resilient – including the use of predictive analytics, or even full blown Machine Learning, to predict failures.

6. Six Public Sector Cybersecurity Predictions for 2023

Joe Hamblin

2022 has been a year of both progress and increased peril for public sector cybersecurity. The federal government made important strides in articulating how agencies can better protect their networks, primarily in the form of Executive Orders, and Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) directives.  At the same time, geopolitical developments highlighted the increased dangers to America’s critical infrastructure. And the macrotrends affecting cybersecurity continued to accelerate in a number of areas.

2023 Cyber Predictions by Joe Hamblin

7. Top 5 trends in IoT Cyber

2023 Cyber Predictions by Chris Dobrec

Chris Dobrec

Internet of Things (IoT) solutions have always promised to provide businesses of all sizes with great benefits including; improved productivity, cost effective operations, increased efficiencies, better customer experience, competitive advantage, and so much more. But if there’s one notable trend that sets the tone for 2023 and beyond, it’s the fact that IoT projects continue to gain traction despite economic headwinds that some anticipate in the short term.

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