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Sep 25, 2019

State of Enterprise IoT Security in North America: Unmanaged and Unsecured

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With the explosive growth of unmanaged and IoT devices in the enterprise (18 billion by 2022)1, and new attacks targeting these devices growing at 300%2, CISOs and security managers from all industries are looking to address this growing security issue.

We are happy to announce the release of the most comprehensive study of enterprise unmanaged and IoT device security practices and trends in North America. Armis commissioned the global research firm Forrester Consulting to explore the following issues:

  • How extensively have unmanaged and IoT devices proliferated across enterprise networks and airspace?
  • What are the risks enterprise security leaders see with these devices?
  • How much budget are they allocating for unmanaged and IoT device security?
  • How many enterprises have already experienced unmanaged and IoT security incidents?
  • What consequences have resulted from these security incidents?
  • What tools and practices are currently being used to secure unmanaged and IoT devices?
  • What are enterprises’ top priorities when it comes to unmanaged and IoT device security for the next 12 months?

For this study, Forrester Consulting surveyed 403 technology security professionals (CISOs, VPs, and Directors) responsible for Enterprise IoT security in their organizations. Forrester also conducted in-depth interviews with CISOs and enterprise security professionals across healthcare, manufacturing, and transportation industries.

Get an overview of the study in our “State of Enterprise IoT Security” infographic. To see all the results of this new research, download a full copy of the study below.

Download the “State of Enterprise IoT Security” study now.

Spotlights on Healthcare And Manufacturing

We also commissioned two companion studies that focused specifically on the state of IoT security for healthcare and manufacturing. Download the studies below.

Download the “State of Enterprise IoT Security: Spotlight Healthcare” study now.

Download the “State of Enterprise IoT Security: Spotlight Manufacturing” study now.

1 Source: “Internet of-Things forecast,” Ericsson.
2 Source: “Cyberattacks On IoT Devices Surge 300% In 2019, ‘Measured In Billions,’ Report Claims,” Forbes, 09/14/2019.

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