Armis Standard Query (ASQ)

Faster, simpler ways to answer every question you want to know about your environment.

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You need continuous visibility into your networks, devices, applications and vulnerabilities. From managed, unmanaged, medical, OT, and IoT devices, with Armis Standard Query (ASQ), you can search for information about devices, vulnerabilities, services, connections, policies and more — the combinations are endless.

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How ASQ works.

Save time with an easy-to-use query builder which rapidly zeros in on sophisticated combinations of criteria with precision and accuracy.  Central to the Armis Platform, ASQ allows search through numerous categories and detailed query criteria to deliver the information you need to take action.

ASQ: Find data. Drive compliance.

Quickly understand what your devices are on your network, what they are doing, and ensure compliance with regulations or standards. Easily remove devices or assets from the network, change configurations before reporting on compliance and create policies to address situations as needed. 

Devices exhibiting poor behavior.

Almost all networks have some devices where certain usage should be strictly limited to only specific, approved actions. Behavioral analysis, particularly for unmanaged or IoT devices, is difficult if not impossible with traditional tools. Knowing when this type of activity is occurring will allow security teams to quickly identify and rectify the situation. ASQ helps those security teams uncover these behaviors and allow for not only the identification of the activity, but also to help cross-reference those users who violated those policies

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