Armis Wins 2024 Frost & Sullivan Technology Innovation Award for Global Healthcare Cybersecurity

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Solution Brief

Empowering Security Operations Centers with Armis

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Security Operations Centers (SOCs) face mounting challenges in safeguarding organizations against evolving threats. The proliferation of IT, IoT, OT and IoMT devices managed by the SOC and complex network environments they must keep secure poses a substantial visibility and manageability challenge. Sophisticated cyberattacks have also yielded significant hurdles to maintaining robust security postures. Armis Centrix™ enables SOC teams to overcome these challenges and achieve enhanced visibility, security, and control over customer environments.

Armis empowers SOC teams to overcome these challenges through its comprehensive cybersecurity platform Armis Centrix™. Armis Centrix™, is a leading cyber exposure management platform, which is powered by the Armis AI-driven Asset Intelligence Engine. It sees, secures, protects and manages billions of assets around the world in real time. The seamless, frictionless, cloud-based platform proactively mitigates all cyber asset risks, remediates vulnerabilities, blocks threats and protects your entire attack surface. Armis Centrix™ can be easily deployed in SOC environments and delivers the following key capabilities:

  • Complete Device Visibility
  • Risk Assessment and Mitigation
  • Advanced Threat Detection and Response
  • Integration with Existing Security Infrastructure

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