The Next Phase of Armis by Yevgeny Dibrov

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Asset Intelligence, Cybersecurity and Compliance for the NHS

IoMT Security Playbook - Chapter 2

Connected care is driving innovation in healthcare by utilising IoMT, IoT, OT, and IT assets; even the buildings are connected and communicating. However, this rapid innovation is also creating an evolving cyber attack surface. Armis supports healthcare innovation by providing unified visibility, vulnerability mitigation, and asset utilisation information, giving biomedical, security, IT, and facilities management teams a unified view of cyber risk data and utilisation analysis.

MRI scanner- medical device

Meet NHS Cyber Alert Compliance Requirements

Armis enables healthcare trusts to quickly respond to NHS cyber alerts by identifying affected assets, providing risk analysis, prioritisation, and links to remediation steps. Through NHS cyber alerts specific dashboards, organisations can:

  • Track individual cyber alerts, prioritising high severity alerts (HSAs)
  • Track current status and the 48-hour acknowledgement deadline
  • Report on the time to fully remediate the vulnerability and close the response to the alert

Additionally, integrated threat feeds identify additional common vulnerabilities and exposures (CVEs), enabling organisations to be proactive in addressing security issues and identifying exploits that are actively being used in cyber and ransomware attacks.

Accelerating NHS Data Security Protection Toolkit (DSPT) Compliance

The Data Security and Protection Toolkit (DSPT) is a tool organisations can use to evaluate their adherence to the National Data Guardian’s 10 data security standards. All organisations handling NHS patient data and systems, including electronic personal health information (ePHI) are required to use this toolkit to ensure proper handling of personal information and sound data security practices.

Armis provides out-of-the-box reports and dashboards that eliminate manual processes, saving hundreds of hours of time spent on manually identifying and recording every asset. With automatic detection and identification, and built-in risk scoring, Armis can help organisations quickly comply with DSPT compliance, including:

  • Detecting both managed and unmanaged assets, such as IoT, IoMT, and OT assets that communicate across the network
  • Quickly identifying, classifying, and providing risk information and reduction steps for every asset based on more than 3 billion assets tracked by the Armis Collective Asset Intelligence Engine
  • Providing an out-of-the-box view of DSP compliance, including:
    • Highlighting medical devices exhibiting potentially compromised/malicious behaviour
    • Assets without endpoint security protection installed or installed but out of date
    • Access to known malicious websites

Mater Misericordiae University Hospital Closes Security Gaps With Armis

Mater Misericordiae University Hospital

Mater Misericordiae University Hospital (Mater Hospital) in Dublin, Ireland is a level four acute care teaching hospital and is part of the Ireland East Hospital Group. While investigating where the gaps existed on its network, it became clear to Mater Hospital to add Armis to its best of breed solutions in order to keep its environment safe.