Securing the patient journey.

Secure care delivery through the connective tissue between the patient, their clinicians and the device ecosystem.


Understand clinical workflows.

Looking at digital transformation in health IT while focusing on nuances between inpatient/outpatient/ancillary services, clinical research and care innovation at all levels of scale, you get relevant risk prioritization and threat management to improve resiliency.


Look into the medical device ecosystem.

Get a foundational view of device visibility and map it to your care process. Start with medical devices, then extend the scope to cover operating technologies with additional context for consumer grade devices. The result: clarity of impact for enterprise and third party risk.

A focus on fiscal responsibility.

Understanding healthcare operating budget challenges, you can apply utilization data, not only as a means for improving operations and cost management, but also as the lens through which information security can be leveraged to improve clinical safety and patient satisfaction.


Bridge information security with clinical risk.

Understand Your Medical Device Ecosystem

Visualize the Threat Landscape

Prioritize Response Based on Utilization

Non-Intrusive & Passive Footprint

Meaningful Integrations


High Confidence Device Data with Clarity

Extending beyond high fidelity data for medical devices, you get a comprehensive view into the device ecosystem attached to the care journey of the patient and the operations of the organization. Visualize device telemetry that helps risk identification of assets normally out of scope for traditional security solutions.


Prioritized Response to Applied Threat Models

Threat visualization prioritized based on vulnerability, device behaviors and data flows that enables SOC teams efficiency improvements not only for incident response, but for ongoing operational tasks as well.


Realtime Context for Prioritizing Clinical Workflows and Operations Management

Understanding key elements of clinical and operational workflows, you can use relevant data to increase efficiencies in your care delivery processes while reducing your operating costs. 


Focus on Zero Operational Impact

Utilizing a passive networking monitoring approach, you’ll get a baseline on devices on the IT infrastructure, as well as vendor managed networks, while still providing full visibility of connected devices that use peer to peer protocols such as Zigbee.


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