Securing the Patient Journey: Operational Considerations to Drive Cyber Resilience

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Unanticipated and adverse outcomes from Information Security incidents that quantifiably affect patient safety & clinical risk is top of mind for healthcare organizations risk management planning. Leading that is a lot of debate and scrutiny on medical device security that is predicated over the last decade of work by the medical device manufacturers, in addition to most of the healthcare provider industry, on the governance of security programs, transparency of software dependencies, visibility into the totality of the healthcare device ecosystem and the lack of effective cohesion between information security risk, enterprise risk, and clinical risk management.

Read this whitepaper to learn:

  • How to prioritize clinical risk through information security
  • Managing threat models to the healthcare device ecosystem including infrastructure such as pneumatic tube systems
  • Methodologies to simulate appropriate security scenarios in emergency management drills
  • Designing KPIs that showcase the value of a medical device security program
  • Creative resourcing ideas to fund a connected healthcare device security strategy

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