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How to find all devices in your network?

Finding all devices in your network can be challenging because hundreds, if not thousands, of devices are connected to enterprise networks at any given time. These can be end-user devices, such as laptops and phones, or network-capable Internet of Things (IoT) assets, such as smart TVs, printers, and security cameras. While end-user devices such as computers support traditional cybersecurity agents, many other operational technology (OT) and IoT assets are left unprotected and unmanaged, making it difficult to quickly find all devices on the network.

What Are the Most Common Ways to Discover Devices on Your Network?

Here are six manual and automated network device identification processes:

1. Network scanning tools

Various network discovery tools can help you find all the devices connected to your network. These tools work by sending packets to all IP addresses within a specific range and then determining which devices are active and responding. This active scanning can be disruptive and is known to crash sensitive OT systems and cause unplanned downtime.

2. Network management software

Some enterprise networks use network management software to provide an inventory of all devices on the network, including their assigned IP addresses, MAC addresses, operating systems, and device type.

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3. Router and switch management interfaces

Routers and switches often have management interfaces that allow administrators to view all connected devices and their IP addresses.

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4. DHCP server logs

DHCP servers keep logs of all devices that have requested IP addresses, which can be a useful source of information about all the devices on the network.

5. ARP tables

The Address Resolution Protocol (ARP) is used to map IP addresses to MAC addresses, and ARP tables on network devices can be used to find all the devices connected to the network.

6. Continuous Traffic Inspection

Agentless discovery tools capture network traffic continuously to assess risks and threats in real time. This method gives visibility to devices that cannot accommodate security agents.

A better approach to network device identification with Armis

Armis Centrix™ collects data using a physical or virtual appliance that sits out-of-band and monitors assets and network traffic. Armis identifies and monitors all corporate and external devices, provides continuous information about their security posture, and integrates with your existing tech stack to isolate threats and accelerate remediation.

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