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Feb 19, 2024

Armis Unleashes Smart Active Querying:

Unparalleled Proactive Asset Discovery

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Tired of blind spots in your IT, OT, IoMT and IoT security? Introducing Smart Active Querying from Armis Centrix™, a game-changing methodology that addresses dormant devices, silent vulnerabilities, and fragmented visibility head-on. All of this, with the unique power afforded by the Armis AI driven Asset Intelligence Engine – supercharging your queries with situational knowledge.

Your network is a constantly evolving metropolis, with countless devices coming and going. Whether industrial, critical infrastructure, medical or enterprise, your complex ecosystem holds hidden alleys and quiet corners, where threats lie in wait. Introducing Armis Centrix™, the platform that throws open the blinds and equips you with the visibility you need to tackle the risks attributed to security gaps in your attack surface.

Of course, active discovery isn’t new, but at Armis we’ve achieved unparalleled granularity and querying precision thanks to our AI-driven Asset Intelligence Engine and the contextual knowledge of 4 billion assets. It’s time to shine a light on those hard to reach corners of your network, transforming your security posture from reactive observer to proactive defender.

Why are more Organizations asking for Active Querying?

  • Continuous network monitoring has the potential to leave blind spots: With active querying that reaches into dormant devices that do not communicate over the network. You can get the full picture, revealing hidden information and vulnerabilities you never knew existed.
  • Guesswork is ineffective at best and dangerous at worst: Dive deeper with rich context at both the network and device level. Respond to incidents faster and more effectively with precise information.
  • Complex networks bury assets: Unearth hidden devices that traditional methods miss, even if they never talk on the network. Leave no stone unturned in your security posture.
  • Communicating in your native tongue is essential: Build trust and avoid disruption with stable communication that uses the native language of PLCs and DCSs. Get the information you need without jeopardizing operational stability.

Armis Centrix™ is Rewriting the Security Rulebook:

  1. Contextualize your Alerts with a 4 Billion Strong Asset Database: Stop drowning in a sea of meaningless alerts.  The Armis Centrix™ AI Asset Intelligence Engine provides the context your organization needs, pinpointing viable threats from background noise, so you can respond with improved efficiency.
  2. A Great Addition to your Continuous Traffic Inspection: Traditional discovery methods can allow dormant devices to lurk in the shadows. Armis Centrix™ addresses this, it actively engages with these silent assets, extracting crucial intel like firmware versions, configuration settings, and user activity.
  3. Deep Dive into your Device DNA: We know high level “device detected” notifications leave you asking questions. Armis Centrix™ dives deep, peeling back layers to reveal the complete DNA of each asset. From software versions to patch levels, user accounts to logged-in users, it paints a rich portrait of your entire network ecosystem, empowering you to manage with granular control.
  4. Be Proactive: Armis Centrix™automatically identifies outdated software and firmware across your entire infrastructure and flags it. In this way we are proactively protecting against security breaches, keeping you one step ahead of evolving threats.
  5. One Size Doesn’t Fit All: Armis Centrix™ acknowledges the fact that devices can be sensitive and easily disrupted if spoken to in a language they don’t understand. Smart Active Queries that leverages the deep knowledge associated with our Asset Intelligence Engine, empowers the solution to speak the language of your devices, regardless of vendor or protocol. No more clunky integrations, just seamless interaction across your entire IT, OT, IoMT and IoT landscape.
  6. The Big Picture, in more detail: Tired of piecing together a fragmented security puzzle? Armis Centrix™ has added Smart Active Querying to an already rich holistic discovery process. It delivers a deep view of your entire network, from data centers to remote sensors and MRI machines to work stations, leaving no blind spots behind.

At Armis we’re doing asset discovery differently, we listened to our customers and responded with our most comprehensive device profiling to date. Deep visibility that empowers you to see the unseen, the proactive defense that outmaneuvers silent vulnerabilities, and the peace of mind that comes from knowing your network is truly under your control.

Ready to unlock the full potential of your security? Visit and discover how Armis Centrix™ can transform your network into a fortress, impervious to even the most cunning digital adversaries.

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Check out the Solution Brief  and take a deeper dive into the game-changing power of Armis Centrix™ Smart Active Querying!

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