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Nov 21, 2023

A CISO’s 2024 Predictions

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This blog is part of the 2024 Cyber Predictions blog series where Armis Experts share their thoughts on trends and technologies shaping the future of cybersecurity.
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As the end of year approaches, we all begin to – in both our personal lives and a professional capacity – wind down and shift gears to prepare for the year ahead. Part of making this a successful transition also requires us to strategically forecast what is to come. Through proactive planning we can realize our goals for the year, whilst actively deterring obstacles and challenges along the way.

In this blog, we’ll dive into the themes that I believe will preoccupy the cybersecurity space in 2024. I hope these predictions act as gentle guidance for Security and IT Leaders to help prioritize their efforts and define strategy when tackling the ever-changing cyber threat landscape.

Prioritizing AI-Powered Cyber Exposure Management

With contextual asset intelligence now being foundational to modern security programs, the confidence that it unlocks has rapidly enabled the opportunity to orchestrate security operations at scale. When combined with the ever-growing automation of cyberattacks and continued resource challenges (budget and availability), intelligence-driven orchestration and hyper automation will be a top priority with material benefits in 2024.

Empowering Modern Security Strategy starts with Contextual Asset Intelligence

The era of modern security programs hinges on contextual asset intelligence. This intelligence empowers security teams with the confidence and capabilities required to orchestrate security operations at scale. As the automation of cyberattacks continues to grow, and with persistent resource challenges related to budgets and availability, intelligence-driven orchestration and hyper-automation will take center stage in 2024.

Operational Intelligence and a Security-First Mindset

2023 was the year of understanding, governing and establishing foundational models to consume Generative Artificial Intelligence (GenAI)-based capabilities at scale in direct support of company objectives.  With core governance and understanding in place, 2024 will see all industries and sectors adopting GenAI-based solutions to augment security, technology and other business functions at scale. In turn, data models and operational intelligence will become more important than ever in terms of informing the models and downstream intended outcomes. (Adopting these capabilities safely, with privacy and protection must also be considered at every turn.) Some will not consider privacy and security as foundational requirements, which will lead to newsworthy data loss incidents ranging from entertainment industry leaks regarding new IPs to the loss of customer information at scale.

Modernizing Security Awareness Programs

The widespread adoption of GenAI within the realm of cyber threats will render traditional security awareness training obsolete. Consequently, organizations will modernize their security awareness programs to address these new, more sophisticated threats. These modernized programs will include continuous user-focused controls, enabling better identification and defense against contemporary social engineering attacks. Additionally, real-time user guidance will be provided to prevent users from inadvertently falling victim to these attacks.

Deepfake Attacks are a New Reality

Considering how easy the underlying tools can now be used, material attacks involving the use of deepfake voice and/or video content will be a reality in 2024. As of today, bad actors can already masquerade as anyone with a reasonable amount of voice and/or video content online. As a result, we will see attackers masquerading as CFOs, CEOs, VIPs, etc. to steal funds from enterprises with little to no friction. We will also see bad actors convincing information stewards ranging from executives to doctors to share sensitive information. In general, we will see deepfakes strategically used by attackers to steal funds and information. Leaks and losses are likely to be impactful and newsworthy.

Emerging CISO Talent

CISO burnout combined with the growing number of material attacks being experienced by enterprises and operations will lead to another record year in CISOs transitioning from their traditional roles. This will include retirements, moves to vendors, consulting firms, VCs and PEs, and transitions to boards and advisory roles in general. As a result, many Deputy CISOs in title or execution will be given the opportunity to take CISO roles at their current or even more desired company destinations. The impact will be positive to the industry overall. A large number of experienced resources will be moving into industry shaping roles as a result, which will have a long-term positive impact on aligning technology to business value. This will also introduce new talent and voices to leadership roles with the ability and desire to disrupt legacy approaches that are no longer business aligned or truly effective.


In summary, 2024 will underscore the growing need to strike a balance between innovation and security. As security and IT professionals prepare for the year ahead, it is crucial to prioritize the ability to see, protect, and manage the entire attack surface continually. Safeguarding mission-critical assets from cyber threats remains paramount.

While this may seem like a daunting task, partnering with the right cybersecurity solution provider can make this resolution not only achievable but a reality.

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2024 Cyber Predictions

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