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Two-thirds of assets connected to business networks are not completely controlled and managed, introducing critical cybersecurity gaps.

  • Only 29% of organizations report having complete visibility over assets connected to the company network, the lowest average globally. Consequently, 91% believe improvements are needed in this area.

  • 66% of companies lack complete control and management of the assets connected to their network.

  • Organizations cannot account for 47% of asset attributes i.e. asset location or support status, below the global average (61%).

  • 8 different sources are used to collect threat intelligence data. With just 49% to 59% of related processes automated, only 55% of the information gathered is actionable, leading to 38% of cybersecurity teams being overwhelmed by cyber threat information.

  • 74% admit a complete lack of confidence in their ability to effectively mitigate the impacts across all assets connected to the network when facing a cyber attack.

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