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Armis research finds French organizations lack the needed oversight and automation to effectively remediate vulnerabilities.

  • 91% of IT Pros believe their organization needs enhanced policies and procedures to address security vulnerabilities. And just 35% have a formalized process to examine vulnerability and patch management.

  • 53% of French organizations lack complete control and management over the company owned and managed assets connected to their environment.

  • 9 different feeds are used to collect threat intelligence data. However, with just 53% to 60% of related processes automated, only 58% of the information gathered is actionable, leading to 33% of cybersecurity teams being overwhelmed by cyber threat information.

  • 55% say their organization was breached in a cyber attack in the last 12 months, 28% experienced multiple breaches during the same period.

  • Loss of productivity (45%) and reputational damage (42%) are the most common consequences of being breached.

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