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The New World Order is Shaped by Cyberwarfare Capabilities of East vs. West

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Cyberwarfare is a growing concern for nations worldwide, and the offensive cyber capabilities of China and other nations hostile to Western interests are proving to be rapidly evolving. The issue of cyberwarfare has become even more pressing with multiple statements from the Department of Defense referencing 2025 as a potential year for a China altercation with Taiwan. This looming threat has led to the realization that any upcoming war between China and the rest of the world may be waged initially (and continually) in cyberspace and in lieu of kinetic warfare, with China’s capabilities putting it at a significant advantage.

However, it’s not just about China’s cyber offensive capabilities. It’s also about how much more vulnerable the West is compared to the east to disruption of our lifestyle.

Even simple things like disruption of internet or cellular service, or things like streaming services, can over time affect public opinion. Social media influence is a key weapon as well, where things like bank collapses can be exploited and amplified to cause further damage by swaying public opinion.

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