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Public Perception of UK Cybersecurity and Cyber Resilience

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What do UK workers think about their country’s cyber resilience? What about their attitudes towards cybersecurity?

Armis research shows a dangerous lack of awareness towards cybersecurity in the UK, despite 60% of workers admitting to having been impacted directly by a cyber-attack.

Discover our key findings:

  • Less than four in five UK workers say they have been affected by a cyberattack, with 70% of respondents saying they or their organization had experienced a phishing attack, data breach, or malware incident.
  • Increased awareness of the threat of cyberattacks led UK workers to claim the impact of a large-scale cyberattack on national infrastructure is equally as worrying as the UK going to war (both 21%).
  • Data shows that UK workers are demanding more from the government to protect the country from cyber threats

As the world becomes more connected, more emphasis should be placed on security awareness as well as technology controls that give organisations a full picture of risk exposure.