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Zero Trust for Managed and Unmanaged Devices

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The federal government is fully committed to a Zero Trust Architecture (ZTA), NIST SP 800-207, approach. However, many organizations find it tough to assess their connected devices accurately, making ZTA implementation a challenge. Adding to the complexity, the continuously changing nature of networks—due to new technologies and shifting workforce models—redraws traditional network boundaries. All of these factors make a clear, adaptable strategy and network visibility essential for ZTA success.

Key Objectives:

  • Why 100% asset visibility is a prerequisite for Zero Trust architectures
  • How the convergence of IT, OT, IoT and IoMT has created a “visibility gap” that prevents organizations from gaining comprehensive intelligence regarding all devices on their networks
  • How Zero Trust benefits from a full and complete asset and vulnerability visibility
  • How to leverage the NIST Cybersecurity Framework to enhance Continuous Diagnostic and Mitigation (CDM) and Comply to Connect (C2C) compliance and effectiveness.