Armis Acquires Silk Security

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Reducing the Attack Surface with Asset Intelligence

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Armis and SentinelOne, two leading cybersecurity companies, are teaming up for a professional webinar titled “Reducing the Attack Surface with Asset Intelligence” to discuss the latest trends and challenges in the industry. This webinar is specifically designed for cybersecurity professionals looking to gain valuable insights and best practices for protecting against cyber threats. Watch this on-demand webinar for an informative experience and stay up-to-date with the latest developments in the field.

How Can Asset Intelligence Help in Reducing Your Organization’s Attack Surface?

  • Gain Full Asset Visibility & Risk Analysis: Discover and assess risk across managed and unmanaged devices with broad coverage for IT, cloud, mobile,IoT, OT, IoMT and more.
  • Accelerate Triage: Automatically enrich SentinelOne threats with Armis device and threat context to inform and accelerate investigation processes.
  • Reduce Attack Surface: Enrich Ranger asset fingerprinting with Armis contextual intelligence to understand and isolate unmanaged and potentially risky devices.
  • 1-Click Installation & Configuration: Install via Singularity Marketplace, provide API credentials and get started in minutes.

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