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Overcoming the Operational Technology Blindspot for NIS2

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The pending NIS2 Regulation of October 2024 is raising the regulatory bar for cyber resilience across an even greater range of industries than the original NIS regulatory charter. The imperative to fully understand which IT, IOT and OT assets underpin your critical operations and services has never been more relevant to guaranteeing cyber resilience and operational service uptime, and yet many organisations struggle as traditional and non-traditional OT environments converge with IT to create a complex attack surface which are often difficult to gain full visibility into.

Watch this Armis and ServiceNow webinar to understand responses to these challenges and new ways to unlock value and operational resilience.

Webinar Speakers

  • AndrĂ© Heller, Director, Sales Engineering, Armis
  • Ben Barker, Product Director, ServiceNow

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