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Insights on Managing an Expanding BMS Attack Surface With Honeywell

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The first step in any cyber attackers playbook is reconnaissance of the cyber attack surface to identify weakness and points of entry. The modern, hyper-connected building is no different.

Managing this extended attack surface is critical. But even though it’s 2022, most operators of BMS can’t instantly and accurately answer basic questions about their asset inventory, let alone understand all the risks and threats across their buildings, campuses,  and networks.

Take total control of your buildings as Honeywell and Armis partner to discuss how the modern adversary is leveraging old tricks to gain a foothold into the BMS system that keeps our buildings safe and resilient.

  • Assess ALL your managed and unmanaged BMS assets
  • Understand the difference between what MIGHT be at risk and what actually IS
  • Build Protections in response to detected threats to ensure safety and resiliency

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