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Cyber Predictions 2023 and Beyond

Cybersecurity Predictions for 2023

Join Armis Execs as they share their Predictions for 2023

The past year has uncovered just how vulnerable our supply chains are, as their often relied on open-source libraries like Log4j. Should we expect organizations to demand more hygiene and assurances from their supply chain partners moving forward?

It’s not just OT-centered organizations that faced a higher number of attacks. Healthcare shared the same ironic faith: while technology has helped them to overcome some inherent challenges (staff shortage, the need for remote operations), that same technology greatly expanded their attack surface and made them more prone to cyber-attacks.

Speaking of staff shortage: an estimated 3.12 million cyber security professionals are required to fill the current talent gap. And when it comes to the journey of IT/OT convergence, it exposes an even greater challenge as OT security skills specifically seem to be a rare gem. More than ever, organizations will need to create a sense and culture of involvement, to keep and regain talent. But that alone won’t cut it.

This webinar is your chance to hear directly from Nadir Izrael (CTO & Co-Founder), Chris Dobrec (VP Solutions), and Desiree Lee (CTO of Data):

  • How global spendings on information security and risk management solutions are affected by economic slowdown and geopolitical tensions
  • Why Healthcare and OT-centered organizations are especially targeted by cyberattacks, and how Armis can help
  • How emerging technologies could be part of the answer to a growing talent gap
  • How a cohesive company culture can help overcome challenges associated with hybrid work

All of this salted by some personal predictions from Armis Executives on cybersecurity and asset intelligence for 2023. You will also have a chance to ask your questions directly to our executives.

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