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Clinical Device Utilization Insights

Insights for Biomedical Engineering Teams, and a Prioritization Tool for Information Security Teams


Hospitals must constantly grapple with how to decrease wait times and improve overall operational efficiencies. Today, the utilization of the medical device fleet is at the core of any such efforts.

From reducing costs of over-purchasing, to minimizing maintenance-window-related disruptions to patient care, device utilization analytics can be invaluable to biomedical teams. Unfortunately, however, most teams today remain in the dark to their true utilization metrics versus their patient care capacity potential.

An interesting fact: biomed teams aren’t the only ones that can benefit from device utilization analytics. Information security teams also stand to gain from this additional visibility by incorporating device utilization metrics into their risk assessment processes. A daunting question for cybersecurity teams remains “What should I focus my efforts on first?” Device utilization visibility helps answer this question more easily.

Join Armis’ resident healthcare experts, Oscar Miranda, Field CTO for Healthcare, and Mohammad Waqas, Principal Solutions Architect, for a product deep dive of the Armis Asset Intelligence Platform. We’ll explain how Armis provides biomed and cybersecurity users alike accurate, up-to-date visibility into the medical device fleet along with device utilization metrics.

Oscar and Mohammed will address commonly asked by biomed questions including:

  • How can I get a complete, up-to-date inventory of my medical devices?
  • Are my medical devices located where they should be?
  • How can I find out which of my medical devices are offline or stored away when they should be used for patient care?
  • Are my medical devices being used to their full capacity?
  • What can I do to improve clinical operational efficiency and minimize interruptions to patient care?

They will also explore how Information security teams can leverage device utilization analytics to:

  • Conduct a contextualized risk assessment of medical devices
  • Prioritize remediation efforts for the most effective approach to improving the security posture of the organization
  • Identify potential compromises or abuses of critical medical devices through behavioral monitoring and alerting techniques

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