IBM X-Force IoT

The first enterprise-class agentless security managed service for unmanaged and IoT devices.

Introducing IBM X-Force IoT

IBM® X-Force® IoT provides agentless device security to address the threat landscape of unmanaged and IoT devices. It is a passive threat management platform providing complete asset discovery and classification, behavioral tracking, continuous threat assessment and response across all industries. From traditional devices to new unmanaged smart devices like webcams, printers, HVAC systems, industrial control systems and medical devices, IBM X-Force IoT can discover, analyze and secure all. A cloud-based managed and agentless service, IBM X-Force IoT identifies devices, analyze attacks and malicious behavior, and protects unmanaged and IoT devices.

Introducing IBM X-Force IoT
Identify and Classify Internet Security for IBM Computers

Identify and Classify

IBM X-Force IoT automatically discovers managed, unmanaged and IoT devices on or off network. It monitors wired and wireless traffic to identify every device and understand its behavior. Agentless and passive, it identifies device type, manufacturer, model, serial number, location, username, OS, installed apps and tracks connections over time.

IBM X-Force IoT also calculates a risk score helping security teams assess the attack surface and meet compliance with regulations requiring vulnerability identification and prioritization. This helps fulfill critical security controls for frameworks like PCI-DSS, HIPAA, NIST and CIS Critical Security Controls.

Detect Threats - Manage and Contain

IBM X-Force IoT detects threats by continuously and passively monitoring devices while detecting behavioral anomalies in real-time. If a threat is detected, IBM X-Force IoT will alert security teams by sending an automated action to stop an attack.

IBM X-Force IoT leverages the world’s largest Device Knowledgebase available, which tracks over 110M devices. Through AI and machine learning, it classifies devices comparing them real-time to “known-good” baselines. IBM X-Force IoT can issue an alert, or automatically disconnect or quarantine a device operating outside of its baseline. Alerts may be due to misconfiguration, a policy violation, or abnormal behavior.

Detect Threats Manage and Contain
No Agent

Integrated and Powerful

IBM X-Force IoT can integrate with existing networking and security solutions, such as firewalls, network access controls, SIEM, or IBM Managed Security Services to restrict access or quarantine suspicious or malicious devices. Simple, cost-effective deployment combined with ease of on-going management as a cloud-delivered managed service.

With IBM Managed Security Services, the IoT devices discovered are monitored and managed 24x7x365. Our global team of threat analysts and responders can leverage the information from IBM X-Force IoT discovery combined with world-class threat intelligence feeds to provide highly accurate detection and containment.