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15 Ways Armis Underpins Medical Device Security and Patient Safety in Healthcare

The most comprehensive asset management for managed, unmanaged, and IoT devices.

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When it comes to the security and management of connected medical devices and the digital assets proliferating across the patient journey, healthcare organizations face significant challenges. Information security teams need the right mix of capabilities to protect every device and ensure compliance. And clinical engineering teams need to ensure that the patient care delivery process goes off without a hitch. It’s a huge ask on both sides, given that the majority of connected medical devices have known vulnerabilities, and traditional security and management solutions lack the comprehensive capabilities needed to secure and monitor every asset on the network.

Enter the Armis Asset Intelligence Platform, which delivers an unparalleled combination of 12 capabilities and design considerations for ensuring medical device security and patient safety.

  • Device visibility
  • Device location and utilization
  • Third-party and vendor-managed device and network discovery
  • Risk scoring for all devices
  • Contextualized risk assessment for medical devices
  • Reduced risk of ePHI exposure and privacy breaches
  • Comprehensive compliance support
  • Medical device segmentation
  • Support for Zero Trust network principles
  • Threat detection and response
  • Alignment to MITRE ATT&CK model
  • Protection for “un-agentable” devices

The 12 ways Armis underpins medical device security and patient safety in healthcare white paper explains the importance of each area along with how Armis delivers.

After reading, you will understand how the Armis Asset Intelligence Platform enables information security, clinical engineering, and operations teams to visualize and mitigate threats; understand device inventory, utilization, and performance; locate devices; assess clinical risk; and improve compliance.