Armis for Healthcare

Agentless medical device security for delivery organizations and more.

Secure medical devices, protect patients, and PHI.

The Internet of Medical Things (IoMT) includes devices like infusion pumps, MRI machines, x-ray machines, heart monitors, and more. And while these connected medical devices help clinicians deliver faster, higher quality care, they also create an attack surface that most healthcare delivery organizations (HDOs) aren’t prepared to protect.

Agentless. Passive. Comprehensive.

Medical devices can’t host an agent, and they can’t be disrupted while they are in use. Armis is the first agentless, completely passive medical device security platform to address the new threat landscape of connected devices, including biomedical devices. Even without an agent, Armis delivers full visibility of all devices – managed, unmanaged, and medical – in your organization, including the make, model, OS, FDA classification, connection and activity history, utilization, and more.

Network Infrastructure
Network Infrastructure

Protect patient safety.

Life-saving biomedical devices aren't immune to the vulnerabilities attackers can use to manipulate data or settings that could endanger patient's lives. The Armis platform for medical device security protects patient safety by:

  • Identifying existing devices and their vulnerabilities
  • Monitoring device behavior to detect compromise
  • Stopping attacks from moving from device to device
  • Taking action to quarantine suspicious or malicious devices
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Detect and stop malware attacks.

Ransomware attacks on hospitals have recently been on the rise. These impact hospital operations and services, which can carry costs from hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars. With the Armis platform you can:

  • Identify which medical devices are vulnerable
  • Stop WannaCry, NotPetya, and other known or unknown attacks
  • Reduce or eliminate medical device downtime
Network Infrastructure
Network Infrastructure

Secure patient health information.

Securing PII and PHI is mission critical for any healthcare organization. The Armis platform helps large healthcare organizations:

  • Identify unauthorized and insecure network connections
  • Identify transmission of unencrypted PHI
  • Secure unmanaged devices and stop data exfiltration
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Protect the business of healthcare.

Medical devices aren't the only ones healthcare organizations use on a day-to-day basis. Delivering care depends on all kinds of connected, unmanaged devices. Things like smart TVs, connected lighting systems, and streaming media players exist in facilities everywhere. These devices are just as vulnerable, and often share the same networks. The Armis platform detects and analyzes all devices in your environment for comprehensive coverage across your facilities.

Network Infrastructure

Agentless and passive security that identifies and classifies every medical and IoT device, tracks behavior, identifies threats, and takes action - protecting patient care and operations.

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Armis fills the gap left by traditional security tools.





  • Provides continuous monitoring and response for managed computers
  • Requires an agent
  • 100% agentless
  • Effective on managed, unmanaged, and IoT devices

  • Protects the network perimeter and core
  • Focused on network traffic, not device behavior
  • No device knowledgebase
  • Protects devices at the access layer
  • Focused on device state and behavior
  • Deep understanding of device behavior

  • Assumes the network is trusted
  • Discovers devices on enterprise networks only
  • Can’t detect threats or compromised devices
  • Assumes Zero Trust
  • Discovers devices on network and in the airspace (Bluetooth, etc.)
  • Assesses device risk and threats

  • Tracks the behavior of users
  • Looks for anomalies in user behavior
  • No device tracking
  • Tracks the behavior of devices
  • Compares behavior against our Device Knowledgebase
  • Understands “good” vs. "bad" behavior

See every device.

See every connection.

See a live demonstration of the Armis agentless device security platform.