The Forrester New Wave: Connected Medical Device Security, Q2 2020

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Medical Device Security & More

Hospitals and clinics are exploding with new connected medical devices. From infusion pumps to MRI machines, x-ray machines, heart monitors, communication badges, and more. And while these connected medical devices help doctors, nurses, and clinicians deliver faster, higher quality care, they also create an attack surface that most healthcare delivery organizations can’t secure. 

However, these devices can’t take an agent, are hard to update, and can’t be seen or managed by traditional security products. All of this puts sensitive data, operations, and patient safety at risk.

Armis helps HDOs secure the devices doctors and clinicians use to deliver faster, higher quality care without compromising the safety of patient’s health, safety, or sensitive medical information.

Agentless and passive security that identifies and classifies every medical and IoT asset, tracks behavior, identifies threats, and takes action - protecting patient care and operations.

See & Secure Every Medical Device

Identifying and classifying every device - medical or otherwise - is fundamental.  Knowing what medical devices are in your environment, in use, and where they are is critical - whether in a single hospital, in a lab, on a campus, at remote clinics,or in support facilities. 

Armis is purpose-built to discover, identify, and profile every device in your environment. We identify a device’s make, model, type, serial number, operating system and version, last known location, MAC and IP address, and applications running on the device. For medical devices, we can also provide critical information like FDA classifications and MDS2 details, as well as risk and vulnerability scores. We can also enable automatic network segmentation.

Stop Attacks & Ransomware

Ransomware attacks continue to impact hospitals. . A single affected device can bring medical center operations to a stand-still. As alarming as they are, attacks aren’t limited to ransomware. Protected health information (PHI) is a valuable commodity, and financially motivated bad actors know exploiting vulnerabilities in medical devices and business machines can give them an unfair advantage.

Armis provides passive, real-time continuous vulnerability and threat assessment of medical devices allowing us to:

  • Identify which medical devices are vulnerable
  • Stop WannaCry, NotPetya, and other known or unknown attacks
  • Reduce or eliminate medical device downtime

Protect Patient Safety

While connected medical devices can improve care, they need to be secure to ensure no risk of impacting patient care. The challenge is these devices have no inherent security, you can’t install a traditional security agent on them, and you definitely can’t use active vulnerability scanning on them for fear of disrupting that patient care.

Armis is agentless and passive. So we can identify and track medical device behavior without disruption, providing continuous, real-time device risk assessment and mitigation. It profiles all devices, connections, and identifies anomalous behavior to protect patient care.

Secure the Business of Healthcare

See More than Medical Devices

Medical devices aren't the only ones healthcare organizations use on a day-to-day basis. Hospitals depend on all kinds of connected, unmanaged devices. Things like smart TVs, connected lighting systems, and streaming media players exist in facilities everywhere. These devices are just as vulnerable, and often share the same networks.

The Armis platform detects and analyzes all of the devices in your environment for comprehensive coverage across your facilities.

Secure Mergers & Acquisitions

When performing due-diligence, get a clear view of any target organization’s security posture. 

Armis discovers assets and vulnerabilities with essentially no intrusion or disruption to existing IT infrastructure, so you can assess another organization’s security posture during due-diligence. Post-acquisition, Armis becomes a centralized system for visibility into all devices and associated security risks anywhere in the world.

See Every Thing

Every Device

Every Connection

See a live demonstration of the Armis agentless device security platform.