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Solution Brief

Technical Debt

Learn how the Armis platform provides a comprehensive solution for managing technical debt, helping organizations identify and prioritize their EOS and EOL assets.

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The Problem

Technical debt is a term used to describe the cost of maintaining and managing end-of-support or end-of-life hardware and software, deprecated encryption tools and other issues that might leave an organization vulnerable to cyberattacks. It is a common problem that many organizations face, and it poses significant risks to their security posture. The main challenge that organizations face when it comes to technical debt is identifying the assets that are EOS or EOL and prioritizing remediation efforts based on criticality and risk.

Traditionally, understanding technical debt in an organization is a challenging task that involves aggregating data from multiple sources, which can be time-consuming and error-prone. This process often involves opening up different tools, exporting reports into spreadsheets, and manually cross-referencing the data. As organizations work through this process, their data is becoming stale and less relevant to the state of their organization.

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