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Security of Critical Infrastructure Act (SOCI) 2018

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The Australian Security of Critical Infrastructure Act (SOCI) 2018 outlines the legal obligations for those who own, operate, or have direct interests in critical infrastructure assets. It is a legislative framework designed to promote and enhance the protection of critical infrastructure, which consists of 11 sectors, from cyber threats. The act is aimed to safeguard vital systems and assets that are essential for the functioning of a nation’s economy, security, and public health.

In the context of the SOCI Act, organizations are not only encouraged but may also be legally obligated to adopt an approved cybersecurity framework. These frameworks, such as the Essential Eight developed by the Australian Cyber Security Centre, NIST, ISO 27001 & ISO 27002, SOC2, NERCCIP, HIPAA, GDPR, and FISMA, provide a structured approach to managing cybersecurity risks. They offer guidelines for protecting valuable assets, identifying and managing risks, and recovering from cybersecurity incidents.

By leveraging Armis Centrix™, organizations can strengthen their cybersecurity posture and align with the requirements of the Security of Critical Infrastructure Act (SOCI) 2018 to better protect critical infrastructure from cyber threats and unacceptable risk.

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