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Solution Brief

Network Segmentation for Healthcare

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Network segmentation is a critical tool for securing medical, IoT and other devices in healthcare environments. Unlike regular IT equipment, the majority of medical devices cannot have agents installed or be frequently updated due to FDA certification restrictions and the potential impact of a change introducing an instability, resulting in downtime. Due to this, segmentation becomes one of the most important tools in achieving cyber security for healthcare. But rarely is this a one and done operation. Continuous visibility of devices appearing on the network, along with the ability to dynamically move devices that are not subject to policies is critical to maintaining security.

What is Network Segmentation?

Network segmentation is the process of dividing a network into smaller parts, grouping devices together based on their type, role, or manufacturer, and restricting their communication over the network. This practice helps secure devices by limiting their network connections, ensuring that they can only communicate with the necessary systems to perform their job function. It also involves creating and enforcing policies that dictate access permissions and restrictions for each segment.

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