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Solution Brief

Close Asset Security Blindspots Minimize Your Attack Surface

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The Challenge

Today, 90% of IT professionals say that rapidly changing environments make asset management more difficult. IT and security teams often rely heavily on incomplete data to make decisions. To improve accuracy organizations must spend huge amounts of time and energy manually aggregating and correlating data from existing management and security tools just to attempt to gain a credible asset inventory for a specific point in time. As a result, teams can’t definitively answer questions about the assets in the environment or their security posture, and they struggle to identify the highest risks, remediate the most urgent vulnerabilities and minimize threats.

Armis Centrix™, the cyber exposure management platform

Armis Centrix™ is a seamless, frictionless, cloud-based platform that proactively mitigates all cyber asset risks, remediates vulnerabilities, blocks threats and protects your entire attack surface. Armis Centrix™ works in conjunction with your existing security ecosystem and gives organizations peace of mind in, knowing that all critical assets are protected 24/7 by the industry’s #1 asset intelligence cybersecurity company.

Read the solution brief to learn about how Armis Centrix™ helps you:

  • Achieve accurate and complete asset inventory
  • Gain full situational awareness across your digital footprint
  • Control and reduce the asset attack surface
  • Manage asset vulnerabilities and prioritize by risk
  • Detect and mitigate unacceptable risk

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