Armis Acquires Silk Security

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Solution Brief

Armis + Fortinet for Healthcare

Securing Connected Care Innovation – The foundation for Zero Trust

Modern care delivery is based upon the connection of a myriad of managed and unmanaged devices. Some are medical devices, such as MRI machines and infusion pumps, with obvious potential impact on patient treatment should they be disabled through a cyber attack, or misconfiguration. Some are less obvious but with at least equal the potential to impact care – elevator control systems, door badging systems, and vaccine storage thermostat controls. If these become unresponsive, they could quickly have a broad impact on a healthcare delivery organization’s ability to move patients for surgery, securely access restricted areas of the hospital, or conduct routine vaccinations. Security teams struggle to understand where, what, and how vulnerable these devices are. The same Security teams also lack the ability to adequately and efficiently control and secure these devices.

Combining the Armis Asset Intelligence and Security Platform with Fortinet’s Security Fabric creates a unified visibility, analysis, and enforcement ecosystem that delivers simpler, stronger, and more efficient security controls. Armis and Fortinet offer a solution that lays the foundation for segmentation and Zero Trust.

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