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KPMG has partnered with Armis to provide enterprises with unparalleled device security and asset discovery capabilities. The Armis/KPMG alliance will:

  • Foster a culture of cyber resilience. Enterprises will be looking to break down barriers between departments and looking for insights and a single source of truth across IT, OT and business-facing functions, in order to promote resilience by design across the organization;
  • Focus on protecting critical capabilities and services. Reveal the vulnerabilities within existing critical services and assets, along with the best approach to protecting them. Armis and KPMG will allow organizations to establish cyber hygiene across all connected devices by establishing baseline behavioral models of said devices and monitoring for any abnormalities. The alliance also seeks to prioritize focus on cyber automation
  • Balance risk-informed decisions. Provide enterprises with practical and meaningful cyber risk metrics and understanding said risks to operations when designing new digital strategies.  The Armis platform will allow our businesses and institutions to take a systemic approach to risk management by uncovering threats within connected devices, both managed and unmanaged, as well as Cloud, and IoT assets
  • Update and upgrade responses to business continuity plans. Crisis management teams will be equipped with new ways of responding to threats and quarantining infected devices. The Armis platform allows for automated response capabilities that will empower technical teams to respond appropriately to threats by constantly monitoring and alerting any threat in real-time, rather than being dependent on a scheduled scan.
  • Strengthen ecosystem-wide collaboration. If there is strength in numbers, Armis’ 300 million device profile knowledgebase is the strongest show of strength. Furthermore, as there is no need to install or configure anything within the existing infrastructure, Armis’ passive monitoring will not slow down operations.

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