Bad Actors

Bad Actors is an Armis podcast series based on what is shaping the cyber and security landscape including interesting, compelling, educational, and curious aspects around technology from experts in the field. All interlaced with true behind the scenes stories.

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Latest Episode: Curtis Simpson on Crypto, Hacking, and your Credit Report

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In this episode, Curtis Simpson, Armis’ CISO in Information Security joins us to chat about our new world of crypto, NFTs, and virtual reality. Listen until the end when he offers sound advice about your credit report.
In this episode, Chris Dobrec, Armis’ VP of Product and Industry solutions joins us to talk about the cyber threat landscape and how to know where the bad guys will strike next.
In this episode, Peter Galanis, Entrepeneur, author, advisor, and CISO joins us to talk about his extensive background in cyber security, the daunting task of guarding against cyber attacks, and how the best defense is getting the fundamentals right.
Peter Doggart, Armis’ Chief Strategy Officer, joins us to provide his take on how Armis is accelerating, a look into Armis’ future, and his thoughts on building a Lego version of the Millennium Falcon. Plus, a very confused bird makes a guest appearance.
In this episode, Desiree Lee, Armis’ Chief Technology Officer joins us to chat about what it means to have “good” security and how important it is to see the bigger picture.
In this episode, Nadir Izrael, Armis’ Co-Founder and CTO joins us to chat about the new age of Cyber Warfare.