Armis Acquires Silk Security

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Partner Brief

Armis + Fortinet: Asset Intelligence and Proactive Security Controls Across Your Entire Organization

Today’s networks connect a myriad of managed and unmanaged devices, with little visibility or control over the risk they introduce to the business. Security teams struggle to understand where, what, and how these vulnerable devices are. The same Security teams also lack the ability to adequately and efficiently control and secure these devices.

The joint Armis and Fortinet solution creates a unified visibility, analysis, and enforcement ecosystem that delivers simpler, stronger, and more efficient security controls while reducing overall risk. Armis and Fortinet offer a solution that lays the foundation for segmentation alignment with the Zero Trust security framework.

Reduce Attack Surfaces with Armis + Fortinet

Armis and Fortinet provide unmatched asset visibility and security for managed and unmanaged devices, IT, OT, IoT or IoMT. Armis Centrix™ works in conjunction with your existing security ecosystem and leverages multi-detection methods and it’s asset intelligence system to discover every device in any environment.

Consolidating the Armis Centrix™ device visibility with the Fortinet Security Fabric reduces your cyber exposure risks of all devices across the organization’s operating footprint.

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