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OT Symposium: Eliminate the Blind Side

OT Asset Visibility and Security with Armis

1. A CISO’s Vision to Empowering IT Leaders

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Curtis Simpson

Curtis Simpson gives his unique perspective on the potential threat that connected devices represent in the convergence of OT, IOT, and IT. Offering the unique dual perspective of both a former customer and current leader at Armis, Curtis speaks from personal experiences to explain how visibility, insights, and the ability to act all play key roles in empowering today’s IT leaders to mitigate cyberthreats.

2. System Integrators Discuss the IT/OT Convergence, it’s Challenges, and the Impact to Your Business

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Panel Discussion

Prashant Mascarenhas, Andrew Shiefelbein, and Pia Capra join Sachin Shah and Curtis Simpson to share their experiences in helping empower their customers in the battle for OT security. They’ll discuss their perspective on where customers are at in the IT/OT convergence journey, what operational challenges that journey poses, and how all of this impacts their security requirements.

3. An Exploration of Two Customer Stories: BNSF Railway and United Airlines

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Panel Discussion

Mike Tiddy, CISO at BNSF Railway and Chris Peters, Sr. Analyst of OT security at United Airlines engage Armis in a deep conversation around some of the biggest OT security challenges, from the customer perspective. Join us for a fast-paced, insight-driven discussion that highlights what’s happening in the world, how that’s directly impacting customers like Mike and Chris, and how the Armis platform has played a key role in their asset visibility and security success.

4. CIA Executive’s “Active Defense” Strategy to Cybersecurity

Dan Hoffman

Former CIA executive Dan Hoffman knows all about security, cyber and otherwise. During his tenure in the CIA, he was stationed in Moscow where he helped recruit Russian spies, among other things (we could tell you, but…) Don’t miss this fascinating presentation where Dan shares valuable insights into having an “active defense”, a CIA strategy that essentially mitigated threats by proactively disrupting attacks before they ever occurred. And taking the fight to the enemy.


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5. The Future of OT Security

Peter Doggart

No one can answer the “why Armis, why now?” question better than Peter Doggart, Chief Strategy Officer at Armis. Peter focuses his narrative around the three key themes of cyber resilience, modernizing and digitizing today’s modern enterprises, and optimizing resources regarding how assets are utilized. He also brings in plenty of his own personal experiences that clearly illuminate why the world’s largest and most successful companies (40% of the Fortune 100) trust Armis with their asset security requirements.

6. Fighters in Cybercrime, a Partnership with Optiv and Armis

Speaker Bios

Sean Tufts

Optiv and Armis are true partners in the fight against asset-driven cybercrime. Sean Tufts, Practice Director for OT and ICS at Optiv (and former NFL football player) provides a compelling overview of how these two cutting-edge companies work together to equal more than the sum of their parts. Essentially, Optiv and Armis deliver on an integrated vision focused on operationalizing security protocols across OT and IT. The result? An approach to asset visibility, management, and security that empowers customers to use all available tools at the security team’s disposal.

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Scott Bloom

Scott Bloom


Veteran comedian, television personality and highly-respected professional emcee and keynote speaker, Scott has built a reputation as the go-to choice for business humor having hosted hundreds of events over two decades for companies such as FedEx, Ford, IBM, MetLife, PepsiCo, Pfizer and Verizon. He’s been featured on Comedy Central, has hosted his own weekly VH1 series as well as national simulcasts for the Grammy Awards from the Palace Theatre.

Curtis Simpson

Curtis Simpson

CISO, Armis

Curtis Simpson, CISO at Armis, has over 20 years of experience as an innovative and forward-leading IT and Security practitioner, leader, and executive, and has been responsible for building and leading world-class global cybersecurity and compliance programs within complex Fortune 100 operations, enterprises, and startups.

Daniel Hoffman

Daniel Hoffman

Former CIA, Cybersecurity Expert

Daniel N. Hoffman had a distinguished career with the Central Intelligence Agency, where he was a three-time station chief and a senior executive Clandestine Services officer.

Hoffman also led large-scale HUMINT (human intelligence gathering) and technical programs and his assignments included tours of duty in the former Soviet Union, Europe, and war zones in the Middle East and South Asia. In addition, Hoffman servedas director of the CIA Near East Division.

Peter Doggart

Peter Doggart

CSO, Armis

Peter Doggart is a seasoned business development executive. Doggart has been in the computer networking and security industry in various forms since 1995, when he founded a value-added reseller in the UK. Prior to joining Armis, he was head of business development at Symantec and Blue Coat (acquired), enterprise product management at a Fortune 1000, and driving global marketing for a VC-backed company in Boston.

Sean Tufts

Sean Tufts

Practice Director for OT/IOT, Optiv

Sean Tufts is the Practice Director for the OT/IOT business at Optiv. He’s a former NFL Linebacker tuned Critical Infrastructure security leader. Post NFL, he worked for utility operators and O&G hardware suppliers. Prior to his current leadership position at Optiv, Sean was on the Digital transformation team for General Electric focusing on security services for the O&G market. In 2012 he was honored by Forbes as a “30 Under 30” recipient.

Mike Tiddy

Mike Tiddy

CISO, BNSF Railway

Mike Tiddy is the Chief Information Security Officer at BNSF Railway. He is responsible for managing all cyber security issues including security architecture, identity and access management, security infrastructure, application security, security operations and cyber incident response.

Christoper Peters

Christoper Peters

Sr. Analyst, OT Cybersecurity, United Airlines

Christopher Peters is currently a Sr. Analyst focusing on Operational Technology within the Infrastructure Cybersecurity group at United Airlines. In this role, Chris is responsible for the inventory and Cyber Defense of a wide range of physical assets from Jet Bridges to Baggage Handling Systems to Airport display systems. Chris’ experience with OT spans the past 15 years where previous roles include embedded firmware development, Superconducting Helium cryogenic Control Systems, Radiation / Human protection systems, and Linux security and administration.

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