What Does SOAR Stand for in Security?

SOAR stands for Security Orchestration, Automation, and Response. Each of those categorical functions in a SOAR tool combine to help streamline security operations and accelerate responses to threats, strengthening cybersecurity across the entire organization.

Orchestration for Comprehensive Cybersecurity

Orchestration requires identifying and monitoring all devices in the environment, including computers and servers on the IT network as well as OT/ICS devices, Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) sensors and devices, connected medical equipment, wearable and mobile devices, and other technology such as smart TVs, building automation systems, virtual machines, and cloud storage.

The next step is integration of device data across the environment, regardless of the type of system where that data is collected and stored. Bringing all the data into one location allows the security team to automate monitoring of devices for software and firmware vulnerabilities as well as for anomalous device behavior.

Automation for Security at Scale and at Speed

A solution that automatically compares device attributes to a database of known good devices can quickly identify software that needs patches or updates. Based on the settings the security team enables, the solution can then automatically make those updates to each affected device across the organization’s environment to reduce risk in real time and at scale.

Orchestrated automation can also enhance organizations’ capacity to detect threats in real time. By comparing device communication targets, volume, and patterns to established benchmarks, the solution can detect risky device behaviors such as:

    • Communicating with unknown devices
    • Sending unencrypted data that should be protected
    • Sending larger than normal or more frequent than normal communications.

Response Capabilities That Empower Security Teams

Orchestration and automation allow for faster, more complete remediation of vulnerabilities. They also enable a more rapid response to anomalous device behavior and active threats in the environment. Instant, automated alerts can prompt a security team response while automated SOAR rules can isolate potentially affected devices and log incident data for forensics and post-incident review. With these tasks handled automatically, the security team can focus on other incident-response steps to resolve the situation faster, learn from it, and move forward safely.

Complete Visibility for SOAR Solutions

Effective SOAR solutions require a clear view of every device operating in the environment, including device type, firmware, software, segment, and risk profile. The Armis platform integrates with SOAR solution providers and enterprise networks to deliver complete asset visibility, monitoring, and contextual intelligence to optimize security orchestration, automation, and response.