Securing the foundations of our future generations.

Helping institutions tasked with educating the next generation, secure the devices that help blossom their ideas into innovations for society.


Adjusting to new realities of education delivery.

Distance learning, online collaboration, video conferencing have now become an intrinsic part of teaching from elementary (K-12) schools through universities. As a result, the device ecosystems supporting these transformations have had to evolve from traditional IT infrastructure to consumer technologies. Understanding the effects of these changes to the threat landscape, the Armis Agentless Device Security Platform provides relevant risk prioritization and threat management to help organizations maintain appropriate visibility for their security posture.

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Supporting innovation and R&D.

Supporting the mission of higher education institutions for groundbreaking research and innovations, the Armis Platform provides contextualized threat intelligence and visibility that allows security teams to not only protect the intellectual property, but also creates a pathway for the institutions to support innovations in security for devices that are not protected by traditional information security solutions.


Visualizing new paradigms for security risk.

Digital transformations in platforms used for curriculum delivery along with a confluence of consumer devices used by students has reduced the effectiveness of threat modeling for schools and universities. Utilizing industry leading Device Knowledgebase and protocol analysis, the Armis Platform helps educational institutions improve their cyber resilience by illuminating risk areas blind to legacy information security solutions. 


Benefits of the Armis Platform


Full Device Visibility

Continuous Passive Tracking

Vulnerability Gap Analysis

Automated Network Segmentation

Automated Policy Enforcement