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Global Semiconductor Company Uncovers Thousands of Networked Devices

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Armis Adds Enhanced Visibility for Increased Confidence and Stronger Protection

Allegro MicroSystems has been an established leader in the semiconductor industry across multiple sectors for over 30 years. Concerned about protecting vital corporate data in its growing cloud environment and about the lack of visibility into devices connecting to its IT and OT networks, Allegro MicroSystems decided to leverage Armis as a much-needed extra layer of defense for its entire corporate estate. Armis provides the IT team with insights into network activity that were previously not available with existing security tools.

Allegro MicroSystems has more than three decades of experience developing advanced semiconductor technology and application-specific algorithms for the automotive, industrial, and consumer sectors, helping customers make breakthrough advancements in areas like advanced mobility, green energy, and factory automation. Allegro MicroSystems leads the industry in the development of sensing solutions for motion control and energy-efficient systems, shipping more than one billion units to over 10,000 customers all over the world every year, including over 50 automotive OEMs.

Leading the company’s team of IT and security experts are VP & CIO Phil Stathas, Director of Global Operations Manager, Gary Gomes, and Senior Manager for IT Security, Mike Vigneau. The IT team runs like a well-oiled machine, with 85 employees split evenly between the organization’s U.S. and Asia presence. Most team members have had a long history with Allegro MicroSystems and are committed to continually upgrading and strengthening the security of the company’s far-reaching, cutting-edge infrastructure.

The organization even has its own team of developers, who have created and support more than 300 internal applications. They are also heavily invested in integrations with and migrations to the latest cloud offerings.

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  • challenges iconProtecting and preventing exfiltration of patented intellectual property on premises and across the cloud infrastructure
  • challenges iconDetecting and preventing ransomware attacks and data breaches
  • challenges iconLack of comprehensive visibility into devices connecting to the internal network, especially unsanctioned personal devices in manufacturing facilities that contain operational technology (OT) and industrial control systems (ICS)
  • challenges iconAs a public company, required transparency in reporting its security posture
  • result iconProvides an enhanced layer of security that offers visibility into IT and OT networks from a single pane of glass
  • result iconDiscovers a significant number of personal and unmanaged devices connecting to networks, especially in overseas manufacturing plants
  • result iconSafeguards vital data across the cloud environment
  • result iconEnables policy setting and enforcement corporate- wide
  • result iconOffers both high-level and granular reporting on security posture for the board and equity partners
  • result iconIntegrates into existing IT and security tools to enhance their capabilities