Armis Acquires Silk Security

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Case Study

Armis Helps Colacem S.p.A. Achieve Complete Control of Vulnerabilities, Threats and Risks of All Assets

Colacem S.p.A. cement production facility

Armis protects cement production facilities, a data center, and a major race track, providing complete visibility into IT, OT, and IoT assets deployed across multiple sites.

A forward-looking Italian company active in cement production, Colacem has always been market-oriented, making technological innovation and sustainability its strong points. All supported by significant organizational know-how. The same is true for cybersecurity. When it realized that gaining visibility of all assets-IT, OT, and IoT-was key to maintaining a strong security posture, the company turned to Armis for broader and deeper visibility within its assets, better vulnerability management, and more effective threat detection and management.

Prior to integrating Armis, the company already had an Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) solution, along with others, on its managed assets. With its multiple operations, there was a need to have complete visibility and monitoring of the entire environment, including the OT and IoT infrastructure, something only Armis could achieve.

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  • challenge iconSimplify and improve the management of IT, OT and IoT assets
  • challenge iconDetermine the vulnerability levels of assets
  • challenge iconFind a way to identify and prioritize key cyber risks
  • results iconComplete visibility of every connected asset
  • results iconIntegration with existing infrastructure
  • results iconSingle dashboard for control of all assets