Armis Acquires Silk Security

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Armis Centrix™ for Financial Services

Take charge of your networks, mitigate systemic risk and improve operational resilience while maintaining compliance regulations in your Financial Services organization.

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Protect and Manage Complex Financial Institution Environments with Armis Centrix™

Traditional cybersecurity is ineffective in financial environments. Armis Centrix™ empowers customers to manage their attack surface and consolidate, prioritize and remediate vulnerabilities. With Armis, banks and financial institutions can detect and stop attacks, control the blast radius and ensure their most critical assets are protected.

Designed to Address Operational Blind Spots and Attack Surface Expansion

Powered by our AI-driven Asset Intelligence Engine, Armis sees your entire attack surface holistically. Through integrations with your existing solutions, telemetry data to add deep packet inspection, active querying and asset behaviour and collective intelligence gathered from our extensive multibillion asset database.

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