A New Era for Armis: Turning the Hunter into the Hunted

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Jun 05, 2017

Our Mission

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The Internet of Things (IoT) is going to be huge. Some say it will be bigger than the Internet in the 1990s. It will have a global impact on how we live and conduct business. There is no doubt. But when I see IoT, I see the huge security vulnerabilities that threaten the promise of these new connected devices. Devices that were not designed with security in mind. Which is why those devices are the new target: the new attack landscape.

That is why I started Armis. Previously, I was on the leadership team at Adallom, the cloud security company. When Adallom was acquired by Microsoft, I knew that IoT was going to be huge. But it had a blind spot: security. I spoke with CIOs, CISOs, and other security professional to get their thoughts. IoT is the next wave of the consumerization of the enterprise that businesses do not have the right tools available to protect themselves.

And that mattered to me, because security is very important to me. Now, since I come from Israel, that may not be a surprise. However, it is cybersecurity that has particular meaning to me.

When I was in the Israeli military, I had the honor to serve in the Israeli Cyber Intelligence Unit 8200. The work our unit did was not theoretical, but had real tangible, consequences. After the military, I continued to focus on security as a part of Adallom.

And so today we are publicly launching Armis. Our mission is simple: let enterprises use IoT and unmanaged devices safely and securely. Help them to realize the benefits, efficiencies, and productivity the promise of IoT offers. A promise that can only come to fruition if IoT is safe and secure.

We’ve been quietly working hard for roughly the last 18 months to deliver the solution we believe will make IoT safe. It had to be new, because the traditional methods won’t work. Traditional endpoint protection won’t work in a world where you can’t put an agent on most devices. That approach won’t protect smart TVs, phones, headsets, printers, VOIP phones, wireless peripherals, HVACs, security cameras and more. This is a real challenge.

We have seen that customers can’t see 40% of the devices in their environment. And with the coming explosion of device from 8 billion to 20 billion in the next few years, business will only be able to manage less than 10% of the devices in their world in the old ways. In a world where billions of dollars are lost every year to cybercrime, there must be a way to manage the remaining 90%.

That’ a huge gap that organizations are facing. So the mission for our team is not easy, but it is clear:

  • Enable businesses to use IoT and any devices safely and securely
  • Given them the tools to see what those devices are doing, anytime and anywhere in their environments
  • Deliver on the promise of a secure connected Internet of Things

I look forward to having you join us for this journey.

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